I am a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley working with Dr. Trevor Keenan. My current research applies expertise in forest ecosystem ecology to directly address global environmental degradation through Nature-based Climate Solutions (NbCS). NbCS have the potential to contribute to the effort to limit global warming to 2°C, while having co-benefits for ecosystem health, biodiversity, and the people who rely on them. My work seeks to bring current state-of-the-art ecosystem carbon science to the NbCS multi-stakeholder space to improve accounting and implementation of projects worldwide.

My past work broadly focused on how carbon and water cycling in forests is impacted by environmental stresses, including changing temperatures, drought, snowpack, or fire regimes. I have worked in forests across the US at varying temporal and spatial scales, and my focus has spanned topics from leaf ecophysiology, to eddy covariance flux monitoring, ecohydrology, soil respiration and microbial nutrient cycling, and remote sensing using PRI and SIF.